An Advise; as not to take your Life for granted..

If I could offer you one piece of advice to hold in your heart, it would be to appreciate every second you have with the things that you love; be they places, objects or people…. Because there is a last time for everything and you don’t always get to know that it’s the last time when you’re in it.
There will be a last time you see a sunrise, a last time you taste ice-cream and a last time you smell a rose.
There will be a last time you enter every room, a last time you hold every pet, and a last time you hear a loved one’s voice.
Sometimes we know we’re in those moments and we can saver ever second of them – but so often we don’t know until that moment is gone and it’s too late to go back and relive it.
So hold onto those moments while you have them… live inside them…. appreciate them to their fullest every time so you’ll never regret taking them for granted one day when they’re gone.. ❤

Dreams , Freud and I ♣️

Founder of Psychoanalysis, and the writer of the famous book on dreams named as ” The Interpretation of Dreams”

A perception, illusion, incidents of past or future, sensations, consciousness; subconsciousness unconsciousness, inception or something individually different.??????

The question has yet to be answered scientifically or psychologically..
By taking dreams scientifically or by being a follower of Freudian theory _ your dreams are meaningful and yet represents a disguised fulfilment of repressed wishes or desires. He (Freud) believed that the analysis of one’s dreams is a direct road to access his unconscious activities of the mind he himself is not aware of. Dream allows some sort of gratification of that repressed desires, drives through some visualization or by some manifest content. Freud analyzed his Dream of Irma injection that helped him to state that the dreams are the fulfillment of unconscious (repressed) wishes. He than wrote a book on dreams named as ” The Interpretation of Dreams by studying all the auspects according to his perception and introduced a technique named as PSYCHOANALYSIS to cure the patients with some mental disorders by studying certain parts of their minds by making them feel asleep..

Now by taking the account of freud’s theory it seems a valid concept to me which makes sense as dreams or dreaming seems something real, logical for all the logical living beings which points or gives direction to something new__ yet to be happend; or may be something from the past which your soul had suffered already before coming into being.

Some times, they guide you for further pathways to choose or may gratifies your manifest drives i.e by flying on the clouds freely in your dream may gratify that utmost desire of flying in real life by giving that live feeling of flying on clouds by making you feel it via dream..

Dreaming & feeling clouds..☁️🌫

You can only offer the Things you yourself are blessed with :)

Sometimes we give love to the wrong person, and we sit there and wonder, ‘how could I have given love to that person? They don’t even deserve it,’ or ‘what a waste of time.’ But the thing is, you shouldn’t think about it that way. You should think of the fact that you were able to give love, because if you are able to give, that means you have it inside of you. It’s the same thing with kindness, with honesty, with your ability to care about people.

Don’t focus on the way that people abuse that. Focus on the fact that you have it within you, and that it makes you who you are. It makes you a beautiful person, a beautiful human being.. ❤️

Betrayal …Or Self-Identification

Years ago today
At the same day , one had lost and found himself;
With concurrence ..
Ever you think that one can lost or found; at the same moment ??
He may found all his dredges ,whom he had rummaged
A connection of his scattered dreams , illusions with reality ,
A soul of his imaginations ;a pathway to immortality
On a deadly dry and hot day; he may felt fearful and cold
After sagaciousness … imminency of rejected fears, repressed feelings ; being apathetic
And then
Everything was as clear as the most brightest day after pelt, thunder or lightning ;
Two eyes just turned toward; may be merely to direct for the purpose of seeing something ‘ a glance , a veiw
Or to express , MANIFEST , expect !! or Nothing
A betrayal ♤
Findings in a way if it was love and lostness in cas3 of nothings 💕
Ended as everlasting
Joy with sorrow
Dreams with reality
Imagination with originality
Comfort with pain🎀
A mysterious mixture ..


Hey, wait wait ! Before reading this one , Brainstorm for a while about this word “Dilemma” which is the main predicament along with its effects
According to dictionaries : its a state of uncertainty or perplexity especially as requiring a choice between equally unfavorable options (A noun). Now let me move further , I ; by being a 90’s kid suffer alot in making choices or making the right choices in my educational career . I always felt myself a wanderer in some anonymous sort of world where i was not being told or guided the medium or field i should persuit . At our times, in one’s Matriculation there was no need to choose between Science and Arts as we would have to take Science to prove us Genious, harkworking and a student having self derive to take science as a medium. While on the other hand, Arts primarily supposed to be a subject for the ones who was,nt intersted enough but their parents had to send them to school under the pressure of the soceity _ the soceity we are generaly ruled by ! So by following the trend , science was chosen by me in my Matriculation without having any idea in my mind that where i have to go after this , or after completeion . Well fortunately or unfortunately passed it out but only with 60 % of marks .. A hell of incrimination, animadversion has just started that i fails to prove myself an intelligent being in the society 😦 I decided to persue some field next to it which may matches my aptitude , my intersts but no it was not merely my choice on my own part to take that damn decision .. So started Intermediate by choosing Pre-medical even though i was neither supposed to be a doctor nor a pharmacist , physiotherapist .. Ended up with the same passing out as Matric by not following the tradtion that whether to play fabulous or quit the gam3, the game moves on but the performance was not up to the mark. NOW things started to chance after this incident, as i was allowded to choose freely what i need to do further or where i need to take my life towards.. I left with my own decisions but the dillemma chooses to move with me even there , started my Bachelor in Science with the subjects i had never gone through into, something completely different apparently , but this time instead of getting marks on the marksheet i learned alot of things , about life, about subjects, about courses, about career etc. Well well that dark period also completed its duration and a time came where one more choice was there to choose from _ University period , Got admission in MSIT in a well known University to persue the IT ( Informarion Technology) as it was one of my main subject in .. But the journey was not to be ended without further dilemmas , due to a personal issue it was not possible for me to continue that course or that path , ended up with an admission in Languages and Literature in a nearer institute .
Apparently it seemed a disater , end of almost everything , but let my tell you one thing it was a turning point , not for only a student, but for an ample journey for a learner to learn almost all the auspects of his journey, the purposes of his journey or the ways he needs to walk on. Yeah , i had learnt the true meaning of Education there , i started to differenciate that to study and knowledge are two completely different things and one has to learn this before diving into it .. Your favourite teacher is your last mistake is a famous quote which i started to understand as i was provided with the best teachers anyone could ever ask for .. They helped me more in self identification instead of studying which was a need at that time ..
It was the very 1st time i started to breathe freely as Education is a choice not a burden on your nerves, take it positively , make right choices from the start of your journey , know your interests , your areas of interests , set your goals or some ambitions to run for , Now its on parents part, that they should of course guide their kids but for God sake let them choose their areas of Intersts it will be more fruitful for them instead of having failures on their marksheets or to become a complete failure throughout their life, let them optimize their moral and decision power while letting them decide where they want to go in their life and what they are longing to do with it.. Help them by giving them their own separete identifications instead of creating dilemmas , hangovers for rest of their Lives . .
(To whom it may concern)
Thank you so much 🙂

Dilemma , perplexity & double bind